Recording your audiobook takes a long time, but not as long as writing it

An experienced narrator can read a 250-word page in 5-10 minutes. 

If you’re an author, you might not necessarily have the personality or the skill to narrate your book. Maybe you do. Narrating an audiobook is like acting, and you’ve got to be ready to perform every sentence, every word, every pause, from beginning to end. 

After we’ve recorded your book, it gets sent to post production. Post production takes somewhere between 2-3 times as long as the recording. This is where we take out the mistakes, make you sound like a professional audiobook narrator, and add the magic, like sound effects. 

ISBNs help your book get discovered

The ISBN is a unique identifier for a book or other book-like product (such as an audiobook) that specifies its format, edition, and publisher.

Why should I buy an ISBN?

There are many reasons to purchase an ISBN for your title, including:

An ISBN improves the likelihood your book will be found and purchased

An ISBN links to essential information about your book

An ISBN enables more efficient marketing and distribution of your title

Most retailers require ISBNs

Correct use of the ISBN allows different product forms and editions of a book, printed or digital, to be differentiated clearly, ensuring that customers receive the version they require

An ISBN helps you collect and analyze book sales data

An ISBN ensures your book’s information will be stored in the Books In Print database

Books In Print is consulted by publishers, retailers and libraries around world when searching for title information

The ISBN conveys no legal or copyright protection, however, the use of ISBNs for publications is prescribed by law in some countries

ISBNs are the global standard for book identification

ISBNs never expire

I need an editor. What are the different types of editing?

Every book needs editing. The question is: what type of editing do you need for your book?

Well, it depends.

It gets confusing because there are many different types of editing, but no agreed-upon definitions for those different types in the editing process.

I’m going to fix that for you. I’ll lay out the common definitions of all the different types of editing, then explain when it’s appropriate to use each one.