Gospel Music Artists Record at Hibard Group

We recently partnered with Influence Women, a 501c3 nonprofit organization that helps women be more influential in media and entertainment. We donated two recording sessions, and they auctioned the sessions off during the Christmas fundraiser. A little over a month later, we were joined in the studio by two gospel music singers. Here’s a fun behind-the-scenes video of the ladies recording in the studio with us. 

USB Flash Drives – Safely Store Your Firearm Photos

It happens. Computers crash. We’ve all unexpectedly lost important files and photos. Every time we shoot a firearm collection, we deliver the images via a link. It’s fast and easy. But what happens if you only downloaded your precious images onto your computer and your computer crashes? This is why we offer to also deliver firearm photos on a USB Flash Drive. Receive it in the mail, toss it in your draw. Rest easy. 

Gospel Music Artists Record at Hibard Group

We believe in giving back and paying things forward, so last Christmas we donated two recording sessions to Influence Women, a 501c3 nonprofit here in Los Angeles, training women in Hollywood how to use their influence for good.  At the Influence Women’s Christmas fundraiser, Elissa Metropolous and Vicktoria Miller both won a recording session at Hibard Group.  A little over…

Orange County Audiobook Production

Audiobooks are skyrocketing in popularity. They help make a long drive or that daily community more enjoyable…or at least more tolerable. Record your audiobook in our commercial recording studio. We have the team, the space, the gear, and record audiobooks according to audible.com’s high quality standards. If you need help with publishing or distribution, we can help you with that too.