In the early 2000s, I was still working for my Dad at our family’s business. My grandfather had started it in 1949, and decades later, our family was still at it.

Well, I’m a millennial, so of course I wanted our business to have a website. My Dad, a baby boomer, nodded to the giant dusty, 10 pound Yellow Pages that had probably been sitting in the office since before I was born, and said we didn’t need a website. Well, after some spirited negotiations, we made a deal. I could build a website for the company, but I couldn’t have any money to do it. Then, IF the website generated revenue, we’d renegotiate.

Well, the website was built and it immediately created an additional revenue stream.

Websites are hit or miss. When a visitor comes to your site, if they don’t like what they see, immediately, they’re gone. And maybe they’ll never return. But, if your website smells like freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, they want more.

We build our websites to give each user that freshly baked chocolate chip cookie feel.

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