You know Hibard Group as the go-to studio for musical artists, but there’s another realm of audio production where we excel: producing memorable jingles. Hibard Group is a creative powerhouse when it comes to catchy, impactful tunes.

It’s the marriage of technical prowess and emotional intelligence that sets Hibard Group apart. On the technical side, our studios are equipped with all the gear you’d expect from an industry leader. Whether you’re looking to capture vocals with Neumann TLM-103s or instrumental sounds, we’ve got you covered. Our 32-channel Behringer X32 digital mixer and 48-channel analog mixer ensure that your project will have the perfect feel.

A great jingle is more than just notes and beats; it needs to resonate with the audience, whomever that might be.

Whether you’re looking to create a jingle that audiences won’t soon forget, or an artist aiming to bring your message to life, Hibard Group offers the versatility and expertise to make it happen.

Our commitment to technical and emotional excellence ensures that whatever you’re looking to create will be nothing short of extraordinary.

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