At first glance, Hibard Group might appear as just another well-equipped recording studio, boasting an impressive array of microphones like Neumann TLM-103s microphones and Avalon VT-737 SP mic pre-amps. But for those who’ve had recorded here, it’s clear that Hibard Group is a unique recording studio environment.

Under the expert guidance of studio pros, artists feel encouraged to delve into their emotional depths. This creates a vulnerable yet enriching space where the artist feels comfortable enough to explore a fuller range of vocal dynamics.

It’s no surprise that songs recorded here often carry emotional weight.

The creative process at Hibard Group transcends mere recording. Many artists have shared how songs were spontaneously inspired…it’s almost as if the studio itself serves as a conduit for this super inspiration.

If you’re an artist seeking not just to record but to engage in an emotionally creative enriching experience, look no further than Hibard Group.

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