It’s 2023. It’s time to publish a guide book.

Guide books are one of the easiest ways to share your message. Most of you have spent time over the years writing this, writing that, blogging, and telling people how to replicate what your organization is doing.

But you find yourself repeating yourself…because you are repeating yourself.

Think of a guide book as a collection of what you, for the most part, have already created. (Of course, for some, you may only have a blank screen and a blinking cursor right now).

Word document + graphic designer + ISBN + bar code = published guide book

Guide books are a collection of your knowledge, wisdom, experience, sample scripts, sample documents, case studies, stories, and more! Each person, business, and organization are different, but guide books work the same.

If you spend some time on the front end creating a guide book, you’ll save yourself time on the back end. You can give your guidebook away, sell it, or make it available as a resource, but regardless of what you do with it, it’ll help you spread your message without having to repeat yourself anymore.

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