I was born in the 1900s, and when I was in school, you pretty much had to dedicate your life to being an author in order to get published. Not any more. Authors used to wait to get picked, hoping and praying some publishing house will take a chance on them, on their manuscript. Now, authors bet on themselves.

E-books are easy to create, design and publish, and will give your book legs to run and wings to fly.

After you’re done hammering out your manuscript in Microsoft Word, here’s what we do with it:

  1. give it to one of our graphic designers to design the front cover, back cover, and inside pages
  2. adjust the layout size to match your preferences
  3. give it an ISBN and include it on the back cover (only if you want to sell your e-book)
  4. upload it to distribution platforms (Apple Books, Google Books, Amazon, etc.)

Bet on yourself. Get your manuscript turned into an e-book already.

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