Author page: Emily Hibard

The Audiobook Experience

Then, the audiobook rights have to be sorted out to prepare to accept, organize, and distribute royalty income from domestic and international sources. Then after all of the administrative work is done, the pre-production work begins. Who will be narrating? The author or a voiceover artist? The recording studio – where will the audiobook be recorded? Who will the recording engineer be? What microphone is the best fit for that particular book? Who will help produce the narrator? Who will edit the audio? Who will help select the best takes? Will there be sound design (background noises)? What platforms will the audiobook be made available on?

The Full Spectrum of Sound

With a spacious 1,000 square-foot facility built in 2012, the studio is designed for multiple applications. Whether it’s an audiobook that needs the nuance of vocal tone to carry its message or a catchy jingle that will represent a brand, Hibard Group has the technical infrastructure to meet diverse audio needs.

Music is emotional. But is it spiritual?

Hibard Group isn’t just any audio production studio; it’s a sanctuary for creativity and musical expression. Nestled in a 1,000-square-foot facility built in 2012, this haven for artists and creators offers a state-of-the-art recording experience. You might come for the top-of-the-line gear, but you’ll stay for the irreplaceable atmosphere that can only be described as divinely inspired. What sets Hibard…

Behind the Mic

At first glance, Hibard Group might appear as just another well-equipped recording studio, boasting an impressive array of microphones like Neumann TLM-103s microphones and Avalon VT-737 SP mic pre-amps. But for those who’ve had recorded here, it’s clear that Hibard Group is a unique recording studio environment. Under the expert guidance of studio pros, artists feel encouraged to delve into…